Since 2016, LCA Design Corporation has supported businesses to determine their environmental impacts through life cycle analysis to improve their sustainability and triple bottom line.  The analysis and feedback from the LCA can help propel a business forward in their mission to become more sustainable and circular.  Whether it is to assess one product or a product line, one process or an entire plant, life cycle analysis (LCA) can be a powerful method providing greater insight and clarity for your company.  The results from the LCA can also be incorporated into annual corporate sustainability reporting.

Sustainability Benefits of Life Cycle Analysis

Life cycle analysis can be used in the design process, decision-making, and marketing.  Life cycle analysis can help identify improvement areas for economic, environmental, and social metrics by looking at the overall picture from material extraction, manufacturing, use, and end of life.  A third-party LCA expert can provide objective analysis and support along the process.

Life cycle analysis is also used for developing an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), and LCA Design Corporation can help you along the EPD process.  An EPD is based on a transparent and open framework and international standards to give comparable information within the same product group.  The EPD is the final report, while the LCA is the foundation.

Companies creating EPDs can benefit from the assistance of an external LCA practitioner, and we can help along the EPD process.  Life cycle analysis is the foundation of any EPD.

LCA Design Corporation provides life cycle analysis services for medium to large businesses looking for an objective, third party consultant.  LCA Design Corporation conducts an LCA to determine environmental, social, and/or economic impacts by evaluating a product or service from production to end of life or any stage under investigation using GaBi software.

Carbon footprint is a full inventory of all greenhouse gas emissions released throughout the product life cycle, and focusses on one metric in CO2-eq. units.  Companies determining the carbon footprint of their products can benefit from the assistance of an external LCA practitioner.  Life cycle analysis process and procedures are required to calculate carbon footprint.