LCA Services

LCA Design Corporation provides life cycle analysis services for medium to large businesses looking for an objective, third party consultant.  LCA Design Corporation conducts an LCA based on ISO 14040/44 standards to determine environmental, social, and/or economic impacts by evaluating a product or service from production to end of life or any stage under investigation using GaBi software.

Decision Making and Product Design

Life cycle analysis can be integrated into the design process feedback loop to provide insights into the impacts from modifications to the design.  The results can also be used to assist in deciding between different design options by comparing environmental metrics results determined from common functional units.

Policy Development

LCA results can provide objective, discernible results for policy development internally within a company or to influence large scale government policy.  The analysis can also facilitate starting a conversation to shift policy towards a more sustainable solution.


The LCA results can provide details for your company’s improvement and/or superiority compared to your company’s competitors for established environmental metrics.   Life cycle analysis is also beneficial for start-up sustainable tech companies looking to obtain funding.

Hiring a consultant provides a fresh pair of eyes to look over your process, without being invested in the design like an internal employee, reducing attention blindness and cognitive bias.


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LCA Services